|EN| Game Updates 14.11.18
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Game updates

Game Updates - 14.11.2018

- New event is started 'Pandora Box Event II'. Kill monsters and collect 'Jewelry Boxes'. Bring all boxes to So-Ok and try your luck for Pandora boxes and Monsters scrolls.There over 30 additional rewards too.Event duration 2 weeks.
- Fixed in game notice for start and end of 'Double Exp Event'
- Game Client Update: Due recently no any paid /free bots updated to work with our server, we temporary removed the 'game client virtualization' protection technique. If we detecting any new bot programs activity will bring the game protection back.  We want to remind all users that WWO is non-bot server and all detected bot users will be punished with game account ban. Its not necessary to update the client if you don't have any performance issues with the latest game client. This update is only for players that struggle with performance issues and lag. The lattes version of the game (without virtualization) 1.107 08.11.18  can be downloaded from the website.

* Client update its not required (read above)