Game Updates 18.01.2019
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 Game Updates

Game Updates (Add-on) -  18.01.2019

- We are introducing a new 3rd party tool 'WWO Graphic Effects' that can make the game to looks better on good PC hardware.The tool add additional graphics effects like SMAA Anti-aliasing (Smoothens jagged lines using the SMAA technique), Software HDR (relatively high performance cost) and LumaSharpen effects (make textures to looks more clear). I'ts based on ReShade project and is compiled exclusive for WWO and is not suitable for old PC hardware or multi client usage.
- Installation and usage : Download and install the installation package from here Click to download WWO GFX Effects Addon The files must be instated in PVO folder.When start the game you will see welcome massage in left top corner of the screen, if you don't see it there is something wrong with installation.The effects are disabled by defaults.To Enable/Disable effect in game press 'Scroll Lock' button.To make a screenshot use 'Print Screen' button. All screenshots are stored in folder 'PVO\ScreenShotHQ' .png format and in standard 'PVO\ScreenShot' folder like jpg. All effects and settings (including FPS counter) can be edited from config files: 'SweetFX\Global_settings.txt' and 'SweetFX\SweetFX_settings.txt' In game bloom effect give additional visual boost and can be disabled if the picture is with too much bloom.
- Enable/Disable/Uninstall : Effects can be fully Enabled/Disabled/Uninstalled from the 'WWO GFX Effects Control Tool.exe' For automatic program uninstall use the Uninstall button from 'WWO GFX Effects Control Tool.exe'. For manual uninstall you need to delete folder 'SweetFX' and files d3d9.dll/d3d9.dll_ and ReShade.fx.

* This tool is in beta test, free for use is not required for regular game client usage.
Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!