|EN| Game Updates 30.01.19
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Обновления на играта / Game Updates

Game Updates -  30.01.2019

- Game optimization: Due resent game server database size increase caused by characters made 'just to see the game and no longer login again' , we decide to make a special system that will delete non active 'ghost characters' (see bellow) All characters that fit on the following conditions (all of them) will be automatically deleted and their names will be free to use:

- Not login in game for more than 3 months.
- Character level 16 or below 
- Character with 100k gold or less in inventory and less than 100k gold in storage
- Character with less than 20 items in inventory (with equipment) and less than 20 items in storage
- Not a member of Guild or Academy
(* last update 03.05.2019)
The names of all deleted characters will be free to use after character deletion (in period of 1 -7 days)
- Due too many inactive players in Honor Rank system, after 1 February 2019 all inactive mentors (not logged over 3 months in game) will loose their honor rank (evaluation points and graduates count reset).
- Based on recently players poll about the events 'Snow flakes event' and 'Winter Unique Monsters Hunt' , the events will be extended one more month (until end of February 2019). After we add a direct teleports to Qin Shi Tomb Level 4 , the searching time of the level 100 uniques was zero.For this reason and to be fair with low level players that hunt the  low level unique monsters from event, we decide to add 4 more spawn points for all level 100 event uniques. The old spawn points will be kept and new 4 places will be added in bigger surrounding cave galleries (Hew) around the center of the B4.
- End of the events 'Preparing for Christmas' and 'Alchemy Boxes event'  All not exchanged Alchemy Boxes can be bring to So Ok until end of February 2019
* Client update its not required
Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!!