|EN| Game Updates 05.11.2019
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Game Updates

Game Updates -  05.11.2019

- End of event  'Halloween preparation 2019' 
- Updated requirement of 35 in-game quests (questline 1-40 level China and  41-85 level common quests). The required count of items/mobs to kill for quest flagged from players like 'hard to get' is reduced ('Finding European/Chinese Liquor (35 Lv)','Trickery (23 Lv)','Flying man over running man (23 Lv)','Bad Charm 1&2 (29 Lv)','Lost Horseshoe (79 Lv)' and many more). Requirements for almost all repeatable quest (2-5 times) are reduced too ('Ancient elf (33 Lv)','Hiring Hunter Guild (63 Lv)','Sweeping Earth Ghost Warrior (65 Lv)','Clearing Ultra Blood Devil (46 Lv)' and many more). Full description of changed quests can be found in in-game Help (H->Quests->Area)
*Notice: All changed quests are tested, but if you find some bugs or errors in quest decription please contact us.
- Fixed Item Mall count of the item 'Final defense gender switch tool' from 1 to 5
- Removed Halloween decorations in Jangan.
- The event 'Alchemy Boxes' continues.
- Updated game client version to  1.115  01.11.19

*** To use the latest changes is required to update your client with the latest full client V.1.115 01.11.19 from the website.

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