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Warriors Way Online and Gods of Aion Cross server event

Warriors Way Online & Gods of Aion cross server event
(Last Updated 13.05.2021)

 Hello Warriors, we prepared a special exclusive event for all WWO players. Join on test in our partners server Gods of Aion, level up your character (more information bellow) and get your Rubins reward!There is a couple simple steps to join in event:
- Go to GOA website and make new account with same username and email like your WWO web account (you can check your WWO web portal email from Edit Web Portal Profile
- Download the GOA Client from the link in GodsOfAion.eu website and install the client.
- Join in GOA official Discord channel and write your GOA character name in #Event/cross-server-event section. As soon as you level up to required reward level, please post a screenshot of your character in #Event/cross-server-event section and contact HexC0DE#0653 to claim your reward! If rewards are still available they can be combined,so every character can get max 302 000 Rubins. Rewards will be transferred up to 48 hours after they are claimed.

- First 12 characters leveled to 20 level will received 20 000 Rubins
- First 10 characters leveled to 30 level will received 36 000 Rubins
- First 8  characters leveled to 40 level will received 56 000 Rubins
- First 5  characters leveled to 50 level will received 80 000 Rubins.
- First 3  characters leveled to 65 level will received 110 000 Rubins.

- Event period 30.04.2021 - 30.05.2021

Important Notice: Every user can join in the event only with one WWO account. Every cheating attempt will disqualify from the event. Please read all GOA rules posted in our Discord channel #goa-rules section. Rubins can be used only in WWO Item Mall.

Greetings from WWO & GOA support team!

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