|EN| Invictus Grand Opening 18.08.2021
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Warrior's Way Online - Server Invictus Grand opening 18.08.21

Server Invictus - Grand Opening!

Hello warriors, the time is come! The new ruthless world of Invictus is waiting for the bravest warrior. Choose you path like hunter, trader or thief and become the fearless fighter on the server. Evolve your skills,improve your gear and become the new Invictus!

• Server will be open on 18.08.2021 at 12:00 server time! 
• Fortress War registration will be enabled in near feature.
• Available events on startup  'Jewerly Box' event , 'Alchemy Box Event' and 'Double experience event' (weekends only).
• New client v.1.001 is available for download from our website

** To join in game is required to download the latest client version v.1001 or update your old client via 'WWO Quick Updater'.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!
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