|EN| Game Updates 24.08.2021
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Game Updates

Game Updates -  24.08.2021

• Fixed speciality shop NPC bug: Not all weapons can be bought with job points, when players try to buy it. 
• Fixed client description errors for the quests: 'Ultra Blood Devil's Crystal Gem (46 Lv) и 'Hiring Hunter Guild (63 Lv)'
• 'Double EXP Event at weekends' is disabled due problem with EXP rates after event is over (they switch back to x1) 
• Added new website function.Now all users can check their available Rubins and Job Points in website (website Menu->Game Account)

Updated game client version to v.1.002

*** To join in game is required to download the latest client version v.1002 or update your old client via  'WWO Quick Updater

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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