|EN| Game Updates 21.09.2021
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Game Updates

Game Updates - 21.09.2021 г.

• Updated rewards from the event 'Capture the Flag'.The new rewards list is:
- Magic stone of luck(Lvl.8)
- Intensifing Elixir(weapon /shield /protector/ accessory)
- Potion of Growth
- Beginner scroll of experience (150%)
- HP+2800 potion
- MP+2800 potion
- Skill Points Reward Scroll (small)
- Skill Points Reward Scroll (big)
- Global chatting
- 10% damage increase scroll
- 10% damage absorption scroll

• Patched 'Buddha Buff' stacking bug. The new patch disable stacking of Buddha Buff for all players with Job Ranking Buff. Thanks for players feedback about this issue.

 Client update its not required

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!
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