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Game updates of Warriors Way Online WWO

Game Updates -  12.04.2022

- Updated Job rank buff system.On job leave, players will lost their job rank buff(at 0:00 server time).

Game Updates -  05.04.2022

- Started a new 'Easter event 2022' . The event contain two small events.The first one required from players to hunt and kill the monsters Easter Rabbit. Some of the Easter Rabbits will drop a boxes with Easter Eggs. Collect at least 10 Easter Eggs and bring them to So Ok for surprise rewards. There is small event counter located in game screen. On every 10 traded Easter Eggs the counter rises with 1 (the number is refreshing on every 10 minutes). If the players trade the required count of Easter Eggs , the whole server will gain new bonus exp event : +100% EXP/SEXP for period of 24 hours. The first target of Easter Eggs is 20 (200 traded Easter Eggs to So Ok), the second is 101 (1001 Easter Eggs) Unfortunately ,the count is automatically increased by the game server and for the moment we cant change it. For each Easter Rabbit kill ,the players can obtain a small 5 minutes bonus buff from them like +15 STR/INT, abnormal status protection and many more. On every 100 Easter Rabbit kills, the player that killed the 101 mob will get individual bonus buff +100% EXP/SEXP for period of 1 hour. Both bonuses can be used together.Event period: 05.04.2022 - 03.05.2022
- Spring Event is stared.So-Ok has a new surprises for you in the 'Jewelry Box' Hunt monsters and collect 'Jewelry Boxes'. Bring the boxes to So Ok and try your chance to get your new avatar (full set of two parts with magical options enabled). Event period: 05.04.2022 - 19.04.2022
- Updated game client version to 1.006.04

*** To use the latest changes is required to update your client with the latest version 1.006.04 Currently the update is available on the website and via 'WWO Quick Updater'.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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