Invictus - Signature Event 01.07.22 to 31.08.22
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Warrior's Way online - Signature event

Warrior's Way Online - Signature Event

  How to join to the event:
(required epvpers ,WWO website and Discord account)

1. Change your signature in Epvpers forum and make a post in our thread ( )with your website ID (username used to login in to the website).

Use this WWO Signature:

2. Take a screenshot of your post and post it in our Discord ( #signature-event-posts channel.

Event conditions:
• Duration 2 months from 1.07.22 to 31.08.22
• When the event its over, we will choose randomly 12 winners. All winners will be announced up to 7-10 days after event is over.
• Using a multiple account its not allowed. Every player can participate only with 1 account. All abusers will be punished.

Rewards list:
1 place will take reward of 110000 Rubins
2-3 place will take reward of 88000 Rubins
4-7 place will receive reward of 66000 Rubins
8-12 place will receive reward of 44000 Rubins

Greetings from Warrior's Way Support team!