|EN| Game News 18.10.2022
Публикувана от s-type на October 18 2022 00:00:00

  Hello warriors, in the lat couple days we received many reports about abusing in game skills.One of them is cancel animation skill bug and the second one is stacking bard buffs.We need to remind you one of the server rules:

Using exploits or any type of glitch, bug or unintended feature for personal gain will be punished with ban. This rule also covers the communication of such bugs, it is strictly prohibited to encourage or inform any other users of bugs which may be abused to disturb game balance. All exploits and bugs should be reported directly to WWO support staff via a pm.

We already contact the players who use it and they has been friendly warned to not use then,because in the next report we will be forced to take punishment actions.Any reported player (with  some proof like video or if he is directly seen by our security team)that using this tho bug will be banned from the game.Both bugs are very specific and we hope can find some solution to fix it without limitation of players experience in some reason.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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