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Warriors Way Online Game Updates

Game Updates -  06.12.2023

- Added new END-Game content - God's Armor Set 10D

 More about new God's Armor Set 10D

The set is contains 6 , 10 Degree SUN parts. God's Armor set stat  is better with ~5% compared with ROC set. For collected all set parts , the player will gain 'Set enforcement' +3 for all set parts and 'Inc all resistance' +12 compared with Roc set which is with 'Set enforcement' +2 for full set and 'Inc all resistance' +10.

How to collect recipes and materials

The God's Armor set can be gained by collecting of required 5 rare gamestones and combine with the respective recipe. Recipes can be buy it from the new added NPC Seraphina, for gold and job points. The new NPC and all materials are located in Fire God's Temple. Firs two materials God's Citrine Stone and God's Tourmaline Stone can be gained by quests.The quests can be started from NPC Seraphina. The other 3 gemstones God's Topaz Stone, God's Fire Opal Stone and God's Black Diamond players can collect by killing the uniques: Fire Captain Svarog (2-4 Topaz Stones) ,Blaze Ox Atar (2-4 Opal Stones) and Fire Bull Vulkan (2-4 Black Diamonds). The new quest are for level 99 and level 100.  All quests can be started 5 levels bellow quest level and can be infinitely repeated. 
Quests list:
∞God's Set - Citrine Stone (99 Lv) NPC: Recipe Seller Seraphina in Fire Gods Temple Reward: Experience 50607641 / Clean Skill Points 14054 / Citrine stone x 1 / Reverse Return Scroll x 2 Requirements:Inventory Expansion 4 (Common)
∞God's Set - Tourmaline Stone (100 Lv) NPC: Recipe Seller Seraphina in Fire Gods Temple Reward: Experience 69439625 / Clean Skill Points 15318 / Tourmaline stone x 1 / 10% damage absorption scroll x 2 Requirements:Inventory Expansion 4 (Common)

All Recipes can be buy it from the new added NPC Seraphina, for gold and job points.



Creating  God's  set item

When the all required ingredients are collected (recipe + materials) the new item can be create in the Alchemy window:

- Server global item drop increase from x3 to x3.5
-  A new event is starting - 'Snow flakes event' . The event contain two small events.The first one required from players to hunt and kill the monsters Snow Slave. Some of the Snow Slaves will drop a Snow Flakes. Collect at least 10 Snow Flakes and bring them to So Ok for surprise rewards. There is small event counter located in game screen. On every 10 traded Snow Flakes the counter rises with 1 (the number is refreshing on every 10 minutes). If the players collect the required count of Snow Flakes , the whole server will gain new bonus exp event : +100% EXP/SEXP for period of 24 hours. The first target of Snow Flake is 50 (500 traded Snow Flakes to So Ok), the second is 101 (1001 Snow Flakes) Unfortunately ,the count is automatically increased by the game server and for the moment we cant change it. For each Snow Slave kill ,the players can obtain a small 5 minutes bonus buff from them like +15 STR/INT, abnormal status protection and many more. On every 100 Snow flake kills, the player that killed the 101 mob will get individual bonus buff +100% EXP/SEXP for period of 1 hour. Both bonuses can be used together.
- Added Christmas decoration in Jangan
- Started new event 'Preparing for Christmas 2023' . Hunt monsters and collect 'Jewerly Boxes'. Bring the boxes to So Ok and try your chance to get your Christmas Suit (full set of 3 parts with magical options enabled) and many more other presents.
- Updated game client version to 1.014.01 

*** To use the latest changes is required to update your client with the latest version 1.014.01  Currently the update is available only via 'WWO Quick Updater'.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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