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Job Points System

Обновления на играта / Game Updates

'Job Points System' - 10.07.2017 г.

With the new system, players can collect a 'job points'.

  How to collect a a job points:
- You can get job points like a Trader after successful trade mission
- You can get job points like a Hunter if you are in party with Trader after Trader after successful trade mission
- You can get job points like a Thief after successful sold of stolen good in Thief Town.

Notice: To job points after sold of stolen goods, the trader owner of the goods must have collected job points.Trader loose 1/4 from the job points profit of the thief .If the trader has no job points in his account, the thief will not get any job points from them.If the goods are more than 5 days old, you will not get any job points too.Cheating is forbidden.If you try to cheat (ex. buy goods with your own trader char , drop them on the ground and collect it with another yours thief char or both chars are from with same IP address ) , you will not receive any job points.The character is automatically reported  to the server punishment system.  In the first instance you will be warned in the second your account will be blocked.

- You can get job points after killing a player with opposite job (thief- hunter/trader) or vice versa.To get any points your character must be max. 5 levels above opponent level and the opponent must have a collected job points.The amount of points is  calculated with this formula:  (Level of opponent /10) * Your Job Level..

You can check your Job Points count in Item Mall window (down right corner)

Additional changes - 06.12.2017 г.

- Updated Job Point system - Trader module.Making a traderuns with trading with multiply accounts with same IP addresses in same time is not allowed.
The durability ot trade goods is changed from 5 days to 24 hours.

Additional changes - 02.03.2018 г.

- Updated Job Points Trader module.Traders with character level down leveled more than 2 level, will not receive job points in trade runs.Ex: Player with Max Level 50 ,down leveled to current level 40 will not gain any job points,because the difference is more than 2 levels

Additional changes - 20.03.2018 г.

- Updated Job Points Trader/Hunter/Thief module.Added additional bonus of gained job points.The bonus is based on character level and character job level and can be calculated with this formula:
Job Points profit * 1.((CHAR LEVEL * CHAR JOB LEVEL) /2)
Maximum bonus for char level 100 with job level 7 is ~33%

Additional changes - 29.05.2018 г.

- Updated Job Points Trader / Thief module.During a multiple system abuse the Trader will loose 1:1 (not 1/4 as before ) from the job points profit of the thief .If the trader has no job points in his account, the thief will not get any job points from them.

Additional changes - 22.06.2018 г.

- Updated Job Points Trader / Hunter system module.Added new algorithm for Hunter job points.This is the new formula:
For Example: Trader 50 lv and Hunter 90 level with profit 20 Job Points
(50lv/90lv)*20jp=0.555*20=11 JP Final Reward
Its vice versa calculation for high level trader and low level hunter. Hunters get maximum profit when his level is equal or closer to Traders level.

Additional changes - 08.02.2019 г.

- Updated Job Points Hunter module. We detected a many players that using more than one Hunters to get more profit from traders in same time.In most cases players loggin with one or two Hunter characters(from same IP) and just stay in town ,waiting to join the trader when the trader run is over.After last Hunter module update, job points will gain only players that using a one Hunter per IP address.
If you have more than one Hunter in game (on the time when trader sell the goods), equipped with job suit or not, you will not get any job points.

Additional changes - 16.02.2021 г.

-  Updated Job Point system. Added new protection module 'Account Collector System' (ACS). The 'ACS' function is to collect every IP address used by user and  assign it to unique Character Pool ID(CPID) number. The purpose of 'ACS' is to prevent users from abusing the job system by using of more than one IP addresses in the same time, to gain more job points. Currently auto ban its not activated. Detected abusers will not get any job points in traderuns, if they are detected with same Character Pool ID number. Using accounts from other users(account sharing) its not recommended, because this automatically will assign same Character Pool ID to both accounts. In the meantime, we will continue monitoring for job system abusers manually too. Detected cheaters will be punished with ban. The Characters Pool ID will expire if user login with different IP address 24 hours after last login. The Character Pool ID will be reset by admins once per week (still not decided). The 'Account Collector System' is still in test, please send us feedback if you find some issues. We will not provide any detailed information, why selected user is blocked by ACS and not get any job points. The investigation case will be open only if we suspect bugs or abusing.

Here is a couple example scenarios depending of configuration :
- If trader sell goods and hunter is with same CPID or 2 hunters with same CPID are detected, they will not get any job points.
- If 2 traders, with loaded goods are online with same CPID, they will not get any job points on sale.
- If thief sell stolen trader goods with same CPID, the thief and whole thief party members will not get any job points.
- If thief is in party with other thief that sell stolen goods, he will not get any job points if he has same CPID like of the stolen goods. .

- Added additional function to job system.All dropped trader goods, will be deleted from trader goods log, if they are not picked/collected (from trader or thief ), 30 minutes after drop. .
- Increased cooldown time of the skill 'Crystal Invisible' from 2 min -> 5 min. (job system abusing - temporary solution)

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