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Game Updates 21.09.2017

Game Updates

Game Updates 21.09.2017 г.

- Fixed bug of item glows +5,+7.Now all +7 weapons will glow in standard blue color.
- Increased the size of all Magic Cube items (elixir storage).All Magic cubes has new size counts :10->100 counts , 20->200 counts, 30 -> 300 counts, 50 -> 500 counts.
- Reduced prices of items '4-Week Gold Time Service Ticket' from 59900 Rubins -> 43900 Rubins, '4-Week Skill Gold Time Ticket' from 49900 Rubins -> 39900 Rubins.
- Fixed error in quest description of some Hotan Plus quests.
- Weekly Server maintenance restart has been performed

* You need to download and update the game client to the latest version 21.09.17

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Game Updates 18.09.2017

Game Updates

Website & Game Updates 18.09.2017 г.

- The Bots competition events has over 7.09.2017 - 14.09.17 -no participants - no winner
- Added and updated 'Vote 4 Rubins' (beta) module,still in testing mode.The users can gain a Rubins by voting.The vote is accepted like real only when all steps of voting are completed (solving reCAPTCHA and pressing the confirmation button on the vote site) and when we receive a conformation postback from voting site.
- Updated registration form (English & Bulgarian). Simplified registration form.The anti-bot question is changed with 'reCAPTCHA'.Every new site user is transferred directly to Game account creation page at logon.

- The 'Monster Summon Scroll (party use)' event is over.
- So-Ok has changed some of items in the 'Mystic Boxes' event.
- Increased (a bit ) the drop rate for items 8,9 degree.
- Weekly Server maintenance restart has been performed

* No need to update the game client.

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Game Updates 11.09.2017

Game Updates

Game Updates 11.09.2017 г.

- So-Ok has a new surprises for you in the 'Mystic Boxes' added 'Monster Summon Scroll (party use)'
- Weekly Server maintenance restart has been performed
* No need to update the game client.

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Bots competition 7.09.17

Warriors Way Online - Bots competition 7.09.2017 - 14.09.17

We decide to make a small competition about all players that think can use a bot on our server. Something like the 'Google hacking competition'.

Objectives : Show us a video with real bot gameplay on our server. Semi bots like keypressers with auto select cannot participate in competition. Only bots with full loop(repots, repair, walking to the spot, skill usage)

Requirements :The game client must be in window mode and the bot program to be visible.
Game cursor must be visible and and not move during gameplay (excluding login process).
The video must start with starting of the game, login, character select.
The video must contain bot repot in town, repair or equipment, walking to the training spot, hunting mobs using skills.
We will watch the videos of all participants players and will choose the winner.
Every player who successful complete all requirements and is chosen for a winner, to complete the competition need to send a copy of the used programs to our game administrators for analyzing. They will test the used software and if is not fake the winner will receive the reward.

All participants with videos that match the requirements will receive a reward of 100 000 Rubins
The selected winner will get reward of 280 000 Rubins(money equivalent ~ 28 €)

Competition duratiuon: 7 days.
Start/End date 7.09.2017 - Date 14.09.17

Notice:The all players must declare the name of the character before they start using the bot software. All undeclared characters that using a bot will receive a ban.


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Game Updates 17.08.2017

Game Updates

Game Updates 17.08.2017 г.

- Added two new quests :
-'The Little Fellow(China)'
NPC: Grocery Trader Jinjin - Jangan
Reward Experience 4400 / Clean Skill Points 100 / Gold 10000
+ 1 Grab Pet - Bear Cub (Active 7 days)
Required quest: Inventory Expansion 1 (China)

-'The Little Fellow(Europe)'
NPC:Grocery Trader Bajel - Constantinopleл
Reward Experience 4400 / Clean Skill Points 100 / Gold 10000
+ 1 Grab Pet - Bear Cub (Active 7 days)
Required quest: Inventory Expansion 1 (China)
- Removed non working button for party lieder change - function is not available
- Fixed error in in-game text
- Updated unique  AI of Lord Yarkan and Demon Sheitan
- Removed wrong teleport appointed to Pharos House
- Fixed wrong text on job weapons price

*Players need to update the full game client up to version 16.08.2017
The new game client version 16.08.201 is available for download from website download section.

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