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download and installation of the game

(Download, installation of the game client and additional files)

 * Since the files right now are hosted on Google's servers, you need to log in with your Google Account to download them. Select your client from the appropriate repository depending on which language you want. The full game client contains the entire game.In some cases we made small patch updates that must be downloaded installed after full game client installation.Because of download issue for some users we added alternative download mirror - Mega.nz


download full version of game client

(Download Full Version 1.014.01)


Click on storage link to download Full English version of the game client

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For proper work please install the game client in one of the following location on your drive 'C:\PVO', 'D:\PVO' or 'E:\PVO' folder.



Additional Files

 (Additional files)


Game installation

(Full game client installation)

Game installation

  Once you have downloaded the full client and started it, you can select the directory to install the game. It is recommended to use the default settings and install the client in the 'PVO' folder on the main partition 'C' ('C: \ PVO'). The installer will create  shortcut on the desktop through which you can start the game (If you did not use the default settings during installation, you need to fix your shorcut). You can start the game directly from file : 'PVO_START.exe ' file from the game folder (C:\PVO).


 Инсталация на обновление на играта


   When install process is finished you need to install current game Patch (if any available).The patch must be installed in game client folder  (default path is set to : 'C:\PVO') The game client required DirectX 9C to be installed on the computer system.The silent installer of DirectX 9C can be found on game client folder:  'Directx_9C_Silent.exe'.

Warning: In order to log in the game, you need to create an account. You can do this  from the website main menu> Create a game account


Common problems

 (Common problems) 

Problem when try to login in game - Wrong Username /Password


Проблем с влизането в играта

Often, users  try to log in to the game using the username and password they have registered to access the site.To access the game you need to use your game account credentials. For a higher level of security, to get into the game, you need to create a username and password that are only used to enter the game. To create a game account, you need to select from the menu> Create Game Account (of just Game Account button). If you want your account to be better protected, it is recomended (but not necessarily) to use a different username, password, and email address than those you use to sign in to the game site.


Problems with the proper work of the client - a conflict with some of the antivirus software (false positive)

   The game client is protected against malicious manipulations,and some antivirus programs may report it as a virus and delete it. The executable files are packed,that's why some AV Programs detect the client files like a virus.It’s a false positive.
If you hace such problems you need to add the game folder or detected files to the 'Exceptions' of your antivirus program. The protected files are: PVO_START.exe, PVO_Client.exe, and GFXFileManager.dll
If the game does not go right and you have doubts that your antivirus software has deleted them, you need to restore them or just reinstall the game.


Minimum System Requirements to play Warriors Way Online

 The game is developed on SDK  DirectX 9C, and will run smoothly on every PC (with DirectX9 support) manifactured after 2008 year.

       Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (with installed  DirectX 9C)
  • CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo /AMD Athlon II
  • Memory: 2 GB 
  • Videocard: GeForce FX 6600 or  ATI 1950
  • Free HDD space: 4.5 GB
  • Internet connection

For more information please visit the official game website: http://warriorsway.eu , contact us in Facebook @warriorswayonline or via our official Discord channel https://discord.me/wwo


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