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Game Updates 26.05.2020

Game Updates

Game Updates -  26.05.2020

- Job system update. Added two new jobs outfits for each jobs (trader/hunter/thief). The standard one for level 20 and two new for 60 level (required Job Rank 6) and 80 level (required Job Rank 7). Each of them has additional attributes: +1 Str/+ 1 Int (for job suits 20 level),  +2 Str/+ 2Int (for job suits 60 level) and  +3 Str/+ 3 Int (for job suits 80 level) The new outfits can be bought from merchants for each corresponding job stores. 
- In order to promote the Roc instance, we decide to make small changes that will make Roc less powerful. The hit points of Roc(100 lv) will be reduced and equal to the hit points of the White Viper (100 lv) from 1451891045 HP to  183535199 HP.
- Added a new item in job store merchant 'Key of Bloodline'. The item is required to enter the Roc instance and can be acquired by two methods: from a quest like before or directly bought with gold and job points from any job merchant store. At least one 'Key of Bloodline' item is required to enter in the Roc instance. 
- Fixed text errors in requirements for the quest 'Feather Tribe's Revenge (73 Lv)'
- Fixed translation errors in the text about registered guilds in Fortress War NPC.
- The event 'Alchemy Boxes' continues.
- Updated game client version to  1.116  22.05.2020

*** To use the latest changes is required to update your client with the latest full client V.1.116  22.05.2020 from the website.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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