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Game Updates 12.03.2019

 Spring Event

Game Updates - 12.03.2019

- Spring Event is stared.So-Ok has a new surprises for you in the 'Jewelry Box' Hunt monsters and collect 'Jewelry Boxes'. Bring the boxes to So Ok and try your chance to get your new avatar (full set of three parts with magical options enabled) and many more other presents.
- Based on the last players poll vote results ( IP limit to be changed from 4 to 2) After next server restart , the IP limit of the game server will be changed from 4 to 2. Thanks for your vote.

* Client update its not required
Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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Players Poll | Анкета към играчите

Players Poll | Анкета към играчите

Hello Warriors, we need your feedback about changing of gamе IP limit, please vote.Duration 7 days.
Click here to vote
Здравейте Воини, нуждаем се от вашата обратна връзка относно промяната на ИП лимита на играта.Продължителност на анкетата - 7 дни.Моля гласувайте.
Натиснете тук за да гласувате

Vote Results
The voting is over.Thank for your vote!
Гласуването приключи.Благодарим на всички които дадоха своя глас !

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Liberation of Bulgaria

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Game Updates 01.03.19

Game Updates

Game Updates - 01.03.2019

- Added selected Premium items for gold in Job NPC. To make value of the gold worth again, we decide to add some premium items for gold.
- Reduced reward EXP/SP for all 8 repeatable Qin-Shi Tomb quests (82-99 level). The first quest reward calculation was too high and  made some of the Qin-Shi Tomb quests useless. The EXP was reduced by 2 % and SP from 2 skills SP reward to 1.
-Fixed bugged (wrong calculated) EXP for the quests 'Collecting of rare ingredients B3(95 Lv)' and 'Qin Shi Tomb monsters purge B4(97 Lv)'
- Fixed traded/exchange restrictions for all Seal weapons and repair stones that can be bought with  job points from job NPC.
- Fixed Asia Minor Jewerly Box drop
- Added 120 seconds potion reuse delay for all Zerk Scrolls
- Added 'GFX Effect Enhancer' Installer in game installation folder.
- End of events  'Snow flakes event' and 'Winter Unique Monsters 
-  Updated game client version to 1.109

* Game client update required.To update your client you have to download the latest full client V.1.109  from the website.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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Game Updates 13.02.19

Game Updates

Game Updates - 13.02.2019

- Updated  'Jewelry Boxes' eventWe noticed a many players that abuse the event system using a keypressers for farming of  'Jewelry Boxes' with multiple characters, afk, 24/7. For this reason the 'Jewelry Boxes' will be available only for attackers and will be with standard item drop requirements (char level max +10 levels above mobs level*).

* Client update its not required

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Game Updates 08.02.19

Game Updates

Game Updates - 08.02.2019

- Updated Job Points Hunter module. We detected a many players that using more than one Hunters to get more profit from traders in same time.In most cases players loggin with one or two Hunter characters(from same IP) and just stay in town ,waiting to join the trader when the trader run is over.After last Hunter module update, job points will gain only players that using a one Hunter per IP address.
If you have more than one Hunter in game (on the time when trader sell the goods), equipped with job suit or not, you will not get any job points.
- Created new Tutorials section in the website

* Client update its not required

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