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Happy holiday

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Game Updates 14.05.2019

Game Updates

Game Updates -  14.05.2019

- Server EXP rate changed from x1  -> x2Party EXP changed from  x2  -> x2.5 The 'Double EXP Event' continue with great EXP/SP boost.
- Added new quest '∞Power of Buddha' for Chinese characters. The quest can be started  at 10 lv and can be infinity repeated.Starting NPC Priest Kushyan from Jeunsa temple in Jangan.Required quest: 'Inventory Expansion 1 (China)(5 Lv)'. The quest reward is 'Power Of Buddha - scroll' that give a additional +10% Phy/Mag Damage increase +5% Phy/Mag Damage Absorption buff for 24 hours .The scroll can be used only from Chinese characters and cannot be traded.
- Changed required quests for 'Bonus reward for 100 lv(China)' and 'Bonus reward for 100 lv(Europe)' to 'Another Increment (Europe/Chinese)(100 Lv)', 'The Truth 2 (99 Lv)', 'Eliminate the Threat (99 Lv)'
- Added 5 minutes reuse delay on 'Berserker Regeneration Potion' and 3 minutes reuse delay on 'Instant resurrection Scroll'
- The item icons of the Magic Cubes for Elixirs and HP/MP+500/1300/2800/4100  potions are changed for better understanding.

- The  'Easter event' is over.
- The current 'Spring event' (including full avatar set reward)  and 'Alchemy Boxes' event continued..
- Performed server hardware maintenance (2Q period). Server Tangra is ready for the hot summer.
- Updated game client version to 1.111

- Upcoming updates/changes : Due low server activity the we decided to reset Jangan and Bandit Fortress and temporary to disable the Bandit Fortress.We suggesting to all fortress commanders to take the collected gold and crafted items/scrolls before reset. The changes will be activated probably next week. 

*** Game client update required.To update your client you have to download the latest full client V.1.111 from the website.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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New Official Facebook page created 08.05.19

WWO FB page

Hello warriors, we created a new fully English Facebook page of WWO for our international users.For now on news for Bulgarian and English page will be separated. Please support us (Y) and like our new page to make it accessible by more people . Thanks you!

Click here to visit our new Warrior's Way Online Facebook Official page

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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Game Updates 03.04.19

Game Updates

Game Updates -  03.04.2019

- Started a new 'Easter event' . The event contain two small events.The first one required from players to hunt and kill the monsters Easter Rabbit. Some of the Easter Rabbits will drop a boxes with Easter Eggs. Collect at least 10 Easter Eggs and bring them to So Ok for surprise rewards. There is small event counter located in game screen. On every 10 traded Easter Eggs the counter rises with 1 (the number is refreshing on every 10 minutes). If the players trade the required count of Easter Eggs , the whole server will gain new bonus exp event : +100% EXP/SEXP for period of 48 hours. The first target of Easter Eggs is 20 (200 traded Easter Eggs to So Ok), the second is 101 (1001 Easter Eggs) Unfortunately ,the count is automatically increased by the game server and for the moment we cant change it. For each Easter Rabbit kill ,the players can obtain a small 5 minutes bonus buff from them like +15 STR/INT, abnormal status protection and many more. On every 100 Easter Rabbit kills, the player that killed the 101 mob will get individual bonus buff +100% EXP/SEXP for period of 1 hour. Both bonuses can be used together..
Important Notes: The bonus from 'Easter event' and 'Double EXP Event' cannot be merged due server restriction and bonus is always +100%
- Updated system for gaining of 'Soul Reaver' Jewelry Set. The required materials - unique monsters souls of Demon Shaitan, Lord Yarkan, Isyutaru and Uruchi now can be collected by 4 new quests. All quests can be started 5 levels bellow quest level and can be infinitely repeated. Also the new quests can be played in Auto EXP Share/ Item Share group.When the required unique monster is killed, the quests is counted like finished for the whole group. Quests list:
∞Soul Reaver Set - Uruchi's Soul(40 Lv) NPC: Jewel Lapidary Mamoje - Hotan Reward: Experience 164524 / Clean Skill Points 500 /Uruchi's Soul Fragment x1
∞Soul Reaver Set - Isyutaru's Soul(60 Lv) NPC: Jewel Lapidary Mamoje - Hotan Reward: Experience 891037 / Clean Skill Points 700 /Isyutaru's Soul Fragment x1
∞Soul Reaver Set - Lord Yarkan's Soul(80 Lv) NPC: Jewel Lapidary Mamoje - Hotan Reward: Experience 5527505 / Clean Skill Points 800 /Lord Yarkan's Soul Fragment x1
∞Soul Reaver Set - Demon Shaitan's Soul(90 Lv) NPC: Jewel Lapidary Mamoje - Hotan Reward: Experience 5527505 / Clean Skill Points 800 /Demon Shaitan's Soul Fragment x1
All recipes required for 'Soul Reaver' Jewelry Set can be collected only from the unique monster: BeakYung The White Viper
- In game text corrections
- The current 'Spring event'  and 'Alchemy Boxes' event continued.
- Updated game client version to 1.110

*** Game client update required.To update your client you have to download the latest full client V.1.110 from the website.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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Game Updates 28.08.19

Game updates

Game Updates - 28.03.2019

- 'Alchemy Boxes' event is started.So-Ok is prepared  a lot of alchemy items in the 'Alchemy Boxes' : Astral tablets, Immortal tablets, Lucky tablets, Elixirs and many more rewards are waiting for you. All tablets are 6 - 10 degree. The 'Alchemy boxes' will be available only on level 50+ mobs.The drop is only for attacker. Available areas :Karakoram, Taklamakan,Dawnhang Cave,Qin Shi Tomb.
- The current event 'Spring event' is continued with avatar items in Jewel Boxes.

* Client update its not required
Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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