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Game Updates 16.03.2021

Warriors Way Online Game Updates Gods Shield

Game Updates -  16.03.2021

- Added new 'END-GAME' content. We added two new Seal of Moon 10 degree items: Gods Shield - Taurus (China) 90 level and  Gods Shield - Aegis (Europe) 90 level.  Both Gods Shields are with unique parameters, they are 5% better compared with other Seal of Moon 10 degree shields.

How to collect recipes and materials
Gods Shields can be gained by collecting of required materials and combine with the respective recipe. All 4 materials (piece monsters hearth) can be gained like regular drop by killing of the monsters: Haroeris, Scorpion Queen,Seal Stone of the Essence and ShinMoo The man of Flames.

Secret Recipes

All recipes can be gained like a regular drop from the unique monster BeakYung The White Viper:

Secret Recipe - Gods Shield - Taurus (China)
Secret Recipe - Gods Shield - Aegis (Europe)


All required material can be collected like regular drop by killing of the monsters: Haroeris, Scorpion Queen,Seal Stone of the Essence and ShinMoo The man of Flames:

Piece from Haroeris hearth
Piece from Selket hearth
Piece from ShinMoo hearth
Piece from Seal Stone of the Essence hearth

Creating of Gods Shield

When the all required ingredients are collected (recipe + materials) the new item can be create in the Alchemy window: (Press 'Y' -> Manufacture)

Creating of Gods Shield - Warriors Way Online WWO

List of required materials

Secret Recipe - Gods Shield - Taurus/Aegis   (China/Europe):
Piece from Haroeris hearth: 36
Piece from Selket hearth: 54 
Piece from ShinMoo hearth: 60
Piece from Seal Stone of the Essence hearth: 480

-  Reduced all mobs re-spawn time to 3~4 second (in test) 
- Updated 'Auto clean up system for inactive characters and mentors'. Added  automatic guild/academy quit system for inactive players,not login in the game one or more years.
-  Updated game client version to 1.120 

*** To use the latest changes is required to update your client with the latest version 1.120 Currently the update is available on the website and via 'WWO Quick Updater'.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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