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Game Updates 03.01.2018

Game Updates

Game Updates v.1.102  03.01.2018

- Updated client version to 1.102 02.01.2018
- Update client and server Anti-bot system Engine
-Added new Job Bonus Buff system.With the new system,every day each Trader/Hunter/Thief with most collected job points for the day will receive a special Title: 'Trader Of The Day','Hunter Of The Day' and 'Thief Of The Day' and passive bonus buff for 24 hours with following parameters:
+5 STR/INT, +10% HP/MP, +20% Moving Speed inc, +120% Zerk collect inc, +10% Hit Ratio,+5% Phy/Mag DMG inc and +5 Phy/Mag DMG Absorb 
Note:  The buff is available for one character from each job ( trader,hunter,thief) .The character with most collected job points for the day will receive the bonus job buff for period of 24 hours (0:01 - 23:59 server time). To participates in the competition the character must collect minimum of 1000 Job Points for a day.The number of collected job points can be and with minus if character loose too many JP (ex:if been killed from another player, robbed from a thief etc.) The buff is passive,its not show like buff icon or something,only the stats is increased.

* * * You need to download and update the game client to the latest version 1.102  02.01.2018

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