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Download the latest version of the game

Use links below to download the English version of the game

Latest full game English client version: 1.103 - 10.05.2018


* The English patch update (if any available) , updates all older v1.103 versions of English client to latest version.

To access the game you must create a Game Account (PVO account) from  website menu

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Game Updates 23.05.18

Game Updates

Game Updates v.1.103  23.05.2018

- Updated client version to 1.103 10.05.2018

- Added new items in item mail. Angel Spirit + 14 new full avatar sets:
Angel's Spirit White
Blue Halloween Dress
Armor of Red Scourge
Ghost Captain Dress
Celestial Knight Armor
Jade Shadow Raider Dress
Grey Dragon Soul Armor
Janissary Armor
Water Spirit Dress
General Abshad Armor
BlueSoul Knight Armor
Viking Armor
Dark Arabian Dress
Archangel Wing Dress
Bikini Suit
- Fixed prices of some grab pet items in item mail.Now all pets are in same price 
- Added avatar effects on some of old avatars
- Updated Jewelry Box items

* * * To update your client you have to download the latest full client V.1.103 10.05.2018 from the website.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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Planned Hardware maintenance

On Friday (20.04.2018 ) morning the server will be shutting down for hardware maintenance.In the process of maintenance we will change one of the server CPU block with a new one.This task will take more time that usual before the server is back again.

Greetings for Warriors Way Support Team

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Game Updates 04.04.2018

Game Updates

Game Updates v.1.103  04.04.2018

- Updated client version to 1.103 04.04.2018
IMPORTANT NOTICE: For proper work, please install the game client in one of the following location on your drive 'C:\PVO', 'D:\PVO' or 'E:\PVO' folder.

- Updated Client / Server antibot detection system.
- Added new END-GAME content, new jewelry set Soul Reaver

For more info press on 'Read More' link on the bottom of the post.

* * * To update your client you have to download the latest full client V.1.103 04.04.2018 from the website.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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Game Updates 23.03.2018

Пролетно събитие / Spring Event

- Spring Event is stared.So-Ok has a new surprises for you in the 'Jewelry Box'

* Client update its not required

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