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Game Updates 28.11.18

 Game Updates

Game Updates -  28.11.2018

- A new event is started 'Winter Unique Monsters Hunt' The unique monsters White Knight and Princess Miyene will be summoned all over the map in period of 1 - 3 hours.The levels of the unique monsters will be 20,24,30,40,60,80,90 and 100.
- Added 3 new scrolls: Super scroll (moving speed 100%), Super scroll (Evasion 100%) and Super scroll (Accuracy 100%) The last two scrolls can be obtained by killing unique monster (level 60+) from the event 'Winter Unique Monsters Hunt' 
- The event 'Pandora Box Event II' is continue until the end of November.
- Added new announcement with levels for White Knight and Princess Miyene
- Updated game client to version V1.107 28.11.18 .Added new items and new texts for the upcoming December events. 

* Game client update required.To update your client you have to download the latest full client V.1.107 28.11.2018 from the website.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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Game Updates 14.11.18

Game updates

Game Updates - 14.11.2018

- New event is started 'Pandora Box Event II'. Kill monsters and collect 'Jewelry Boxes'. Bring all boxes to So-Ok and try your luck for Pandora boxes and Monsters scrolls.There over 30 additional rewards too.Event duration 2 weeks.
- Fixed in game notice for start and end of 'Double Exp Event'
- Game Client Update: Due recently no any paid /free bots updated to work with our server, we temporary removed the 'game client virtualization' protection technique. If we detecting any new bot programs activity will bring the game protection back.  We want to remind all users that WWO is non-bot server and all detected bot users will be punished with game account ban. Its not necessary to update the client if you don't have any performance issues with the latest game client. This update is only for players that struggle with performance issues and lag. The lattes version of the game (without virtualization) 1.107 08.11.18  can be downloaded from the website.

* Client update its not required (read above)

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Game Updates 06.11.18 (updated)

Обновления на играта / Game Updates

Game Updates - 06.11.2018

- Updated Anti-bot system (Server - Client)
- End of Halloween & Alchemy Events. All players that still have Alchemy Boxes,can exchange them in NPC So-Ok.
- Item Mall update: Changed category of Rubin Scrolls (Premium -> Others)
- Item Mall update: Removed Bikini 'Suit Avatar' and Accessories
- Changed property of startup items: '100% Exp. Helper' and '60% Exp. Helper'. After change the items can be sold in NPC
- Updated game client version to 1.107

Anti-bot protection information:
"Hello Warriors, in the past month, one of most popular paid bot was recently updated couple times with reason to work with Warrior's Way Online (WWO). As most of you probably knows, the server anti-bot system preventing usage of any popular or paid bot. We know that there is no perfect protection, but we do our best to keep bots away from WWO. Before couple weeks we read (thanks for some users that inform us about update) in the phbot support forum, that the latest version of the bot is fixed and work with WWO again. After this the server anti-bot system was patched with new code that blocks the bot. Person from our team tried to contact with the bot developer , and ask him to stop to develop his bot for our server like he did for other non bots server named Origin. In the message describe him that we are small community,non bot server etc and just ask him to stop updating the bot because this ruin the whole game. Unfortunately more than a week after our request, still no answer and in the next day after our massage the bot was updated again. We suspect the reason of all of this is request  (probably paid)by other concurrent server because WWO is never been a target for bot developers. This was the reason to made major a changes of our anti-bot protection and this will be done in the next game client update. Instead of development of new interesting updates we are forced to use all of our developers resources to change server anti-bot protection day by day. After the version update (V.1.107) we stop officially to support of multi client usage and if some of the players has some performance issues when they used more than one game client this will be not our concern any more. The IP limit will  stay 4 IP's. The next game client will use high level of processes virtualization, that will prevent of any bot usage. We tested early version of this protection a year ago.Some of the users was faced a game performance issues on multi client usage, and we decide to remove the virtualization technology because still non of the available free and paid bots are worked even without it. With the new update we bring this process virtualization back. The virtualization process itself required little more system resources. The ticket support system will be open 24/7, so if you have some problems, please report it.
Some antivirus programs can detect the new game client like a virus,it's a false positive virus detection because of file protection.We will contact most of the Antivirus Companies and will send a new file samples to them. Until they white list the files ,if players face any problems during installation,they need to add the PVO folder in their Antivirus exclusion file list.

Warrior's Way Online Project Manager"

* Game client update required.To update your client you have to download the latest full client V.1.107 05.11.2018 from the website.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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Game Updates 23.10.18

Обновления на играта / Game Updates

Game Updates - 23.10.2018

- Updated Anti-bot system (Server - Client)
- Added Halloween decoration in Jangan
- Freed 1300+ names from deleted characters
- Updated game client version to 1.106

*** Game client update required.To update your client you have to download the latest full client V.1.106 22.10.2018 from the website.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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Game Updates 09.10.18

Game Updates

Game Updates - 09.10.2018

- Updated 'Alchemy even'. Increased drop rate of the  'Alchemy boxes'
- Fixed missing text for the received Rubin count when the player use a Rubins scroll. For this purpose is added 10 seconds delay timer. The visualization of the timer in the client will be fixed in next client update.

* Client update its not required

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Game Updates 03.10.18

Game Updates

Game Updates - 03.10.2018

- Updated 'Alchemy event' The 'Alchemy boxes' will be available only on level 50+ mobs.The drop is only for attacker. Available areas :Karakoram, Taklamakan,Dawnhang Cave,Qin Shi Tomb.

* Client update its not required

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