|EN| Game Updates 29.09.2020
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Game Updates

Game Updates -  29.09.2020

- Added two new Warriors Way SOX Weapon Quest V and VI (China /Europe). Available on 40 and 50 level for our beginner players. Reward: 6/7 deg SOS weapons+EXP/SP. Starting NPC Blacksmith Soboi at Hotan. Quest requirements: Completed Warrior's Way - (weapon name) IV,Warrior's Way - (weapon name) V. For more information check the in game help H->Quests-> Hotan +++.
- Added two new items in potion NPC: Invisibility Detection (X-Large) with 30 sec. cooltime and Purification Pill (X-Large) with 20 sec. cooltime.
- Fully updated map files (please report if you notice some bugs/issues on map)
- Added new 'END-GAME' content. New job based area 'Storm and Cloud Desert' with mobs level 95~100. To access the area , players must be 90+ level and with equipped job suit. There is two entry points from Droa and Sigia ferry. The monsters inside are bit stronger from regular mobs with levels 95,96,97,98,99 and 100! This is a base update, if the server work stable and players like the idea we will add additional stuff like quests, new unique etc. There is a new Specialty Trader shop too, located in Salt desert area. Please feel free to contact us if you find any bugs.
- Added new application 'WWO Quick Updater' for fast game client updates. The updater program is still in testing period.The program can be downloaded from the website or use the  already installed updater application in game client 1.117. For proper work, the updater must be located in game client folder (PVO). In process of update, the program make a full client check and that cost a lot of time for if you are using a old PC.
- Game client updated to version V.1.117.00

*** To use the latest changes is required to update your client with the latest full client V.1.117  from the website or use the program 'WWO Quick Updater'

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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