|EN| Game Updates 08.10.2019
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Game Updates

Game Updates -  08.10.2020

- Added new 'Alchemy event(JOB)' specialty for the new area 'Storm and Cloud Desert'.The item drops are available only for the player who attack the mob (same like the regular Alchemy event). The reward items for 'Alchemy event(JOB)' are only 10D tablets including Astra,Immortal and Lucky. The tablets Astraa and Immortal 10 degree are removed from regular 'Alchemy event' and they are available exclusive only for 'Alchemy event(JOB)'. You can access it using the event manager So-OK in each town.
- Fixed map glitches(thanks for the players feedback)
- Updated game client to version 117.02. Currently the update is available only via 'WWO Quick Updater'.

Greetings from Warrior's Way Online Team!

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